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Hiking in the alps

Mont Blanc offers many possibilities for hikers and climbers : The ascent of Mont Blanc, the Tour du Mont Blanc, Hiking across Vallée Blanche, Tour around Mer de Glace, The Domes de Miage : mythical as many places to discover or revisit.

Mt. Blanc is the highest mountain in Western Europe.

There are 3 routes.
The most famous are : the Normal route (Gouter route) or the Three Monts Route (Cosmiques route).

Chamonix Mont Blanc is the town of departure.

You can access by road easily : Accessible directly via the Autoroute A40, which connects to the European motorway network.

Crossing the magnificent Mont Blanc, with a climb through the 3 mountains and a descent by The Gouter. That’s a big race wich allows to discover the two routes most frequented the "Roof of Europe".

Mont Blanc : http://altituderando.com/Mont-Blanc-4810m

The Tour of Mont Blanc, also called the ‘TMB’, is a beautiful trek auround the Mont Blanc : 14 days of trek

You will discover three countries and many views of the Mont-Blanc massif :

  • The Italian side.
  • The Swiss side.
  • The French side.

Tour du Mont Blanc :

Hiking in Chamonix :

There a lot of trekking near Chamonix. The most accessible is the White Lake (Lac Blanc).
A spectacular point of view, lake, ibex !


Savoie Vanoise :
Grande Casse : https://www.altituderando.com/La-Grande-Casse-3855